A massive congratulations to Philip Darbyshire who has been voted by his peers as the 2012 Social Media Nurse of the year.

The response to this award has been totally overwhelming, with the nominees joining in the spirit of the award via their individual social media networks to encourage a total of 2,577 votes!

I think that alone speaks volumes for the respect and influence that all our nominees have earned, and underscores the important work they have done and continue to do, to improve both the integrity of our profession and the quality of the care we deliver to our communities.

So, now I ask you to help celebrate Philips well deserved award, by spreading word of his success via the very social media networks that bestowed it.
And, importantly,  by also congratulating all the nominees for their incredible work during 2012.
To honour these undeniably valued nursing leaders…… lets really shout our appreciation out there!

Finally, I hope these awards may have motivated other nurses to begin using social media to bring their own strengths, skills and voices  forward.
Next year, the Social Media Nurse of the Year 2013 will be an even bigger and more prestigious event.
You can just sorta feel these things.


Philip Darbyshire:

Philip is a remarkable nurse.

He began nursing in 1974, in what was then called ‘Mental Handicap’ Nursing.
This was followed by work in the Paediatric nursing specialty at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. Here, he worked with children experiencing profound multiple (physical and intellectual) handicaps.
Eventually he moved into education.

He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Sydney, as well as a Visiting Professor at Bournemouth University and Swansea University in the UK.
He has led one of Australia’s most successful research & Practice Development units (accredited by the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards in 2008 as being an “example of excellence in research leadership”)

Philip is also on the editorial board of several leading nursing and research journals as well as being prolifically published himself.

He is very active across the spectrum of social media environments encouraging, empowering and engaging nurses to think about what exactly it is that we do.

Let see, have I missed anything? Oh yes…Philip is an often sought public speaker having presented over 100 keynote papers and workshops in 12 countries.



Follow Philip Darbyshire:

Twitter: @PDarbyshire
Facebook: Philp Darbyshire
Blog: Philip Darbyshire.
Linkedin: Philip Darbyshire
Website: Philip Darbyshire.

3 Responses to “Congratulations Philip Darbyshire: Social Media Nurse of the Year 2012!”

  1. I’ve remained quiet, but I have some doubts as to the accuracy of the voting.

    I find it hard to believe that Philip Darbyshire was able to rack up hundreds of votes in hours and I think it would be incumbent upon your group to research the validity of the results.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

  2. Congratulations, Philip! One of those winning votes came from me :)

    Like you I want to thank Ian not only for having the brilliant idea to showcase the growing social media presence of nurses but also for bringing so many motivated, intelligent, articulate and committed practitioners to my attention. And, of course, for Impacted Nurse, one of my favourite sites on the web.

    I hope every reader has a harmonious, safe and happy Christmas, and that 2013 sees further flowering – and an even wider nomination pool for the 2014 Social Media Nurse/Midwife of the Year. Though, as Philip points out, if Ian allows himself in the running next time there’ll be no point having anyone else in the field ;)

    Warmest regards, particularly to my fellow nominees,

    Tara Nipe

  3. Thanks very much Ian.

    This is great news, and of course, I’m delighted. It has been wonderful just to part of this and to see that social media in nursing is in such amazing hands. If we took the power, passion, knowledge and creativity of all 16 nominees this year we could almost power the national grid. Every time we hear a colleague say, “What can I do, I’m just a nurse”, we know just which direction to point them in. Next year, there will probably be 56 not 16 nominees and the bar will keep rising, as it should.

    Most importantly though, and I’m pretty confident that I can speak for many here, we all need to say a huge thanks to YOU Ian. Personally, I think that that you are the doyen of Social Media in Nursing and the standard against which so many of us measure our efforts. That it was YOUR imagination and effort that created, what I hope will be an annual event that grows exponentially, is no surprise at all. It is your hallmark. And I can tell you that had you allowed us to vote for you, I have no doubt at all who would be donning the metaphorical tiara.

    Very best wishes to everyone in nursing social media. Have a wonderful Christmas and Festive season and more power to your collective elbows in 2013.


    Philip Darbyshire

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