OK then…..here we go.

It is time for you to cast your vote on this years Social Media Nurse of the Year.
I have covered some but by no means not all the candidates in previous posts so if you are not familiar with the names, you can go and have a browse.

Voting will close Friday 21st December, and the winner will be celebrated shortly thereafter.

Thank-you all for your participation!

18 Responses to “Social Media Nurse of the Year: VOTE NOW!!”

  1. Sally Nurse Maiden to win.
    If you’re passionate about dementia issues then vote for Sally because she passionately believes changes must take place in this country and that social media is the way to shine the light on the inadequacies surrounding the issues being faced by sufferers and their families. #dementiachallengers

  2. I’ve been following Nurse with glasses on twitter for must’ve been over 2 years! She’s a great inspiration and her 20 commandments meant a lot to me. I wanted to also say, if it wasn’t for great professionals in the feild, I wouldn’t have recovered from my “schizophrenia” type illness. I’d like to become an advocate as well, esp focused on bipolar and manic disorders, but I’ve become very educated on a broad array of situations and what can’t and what does help a person with a biological brain imbalance. I feel that more professional and psychology oriented approaches should also be made to progress the field of mental health. Because while medicines get you to baseline, psychology can re-orient the self and create better patterns in life. :)

  3. Go Kevin! Innovative Nurse it is!!!

  4. Well deserved Phillip…good luck!
    I met Phillip while on the Board of Hospice Waikato, New Zealand. Phillip was

  5. Tara contributes to discussion on general health and well being in a thoughtful, non judgemental and caring manner. In addition to health Tara provides intelligent comment on many social issues and is quick witted, humorous and a great asset to her profession and to social media. Everybody loves Tara!

  6. @Peter – I second the vote for Ian

  7. @wenurses has led the way in generating discussion and debate

  8. I also voted for Theresa for the reasons mentioned above, inspiring lady doing great things.

  9. Of course I’d vote for Impacted Nurse is he’d let us.

  10. Paul McNamara, not least beacuse of his very thoughtful response to the death of the nurse in London.
    By the way, just found a new blog called The Not So Big Society that includes nurse bloggers: http://notsobigsociety.wordpress.com/

  11. My vote goes to Teresa Chin @WeNurses & @AgencyNurse. She is an inspiration to individuals from all professions, not just nursing. Through her motivation & passion she has recruited nurses to a #nursecommunity that support each other through the wonder of Social Media. Her website is a fabulous development resource free to to used by all. Teresa is committed, caring, competent, courageous, is an excellent communicator & shows compassion to all, who ever they are.

  12. Thank you for all you do, your total dedication, kindness and understanding :) You’re a true champ and leader

  13. This is tough, there are some great nurses on the shortlist, but my vote has gone to Teresa Chinn (aka @agencynurse) because her work through @wenurses has facilitated engagement and discussion across all areas of nursing and even wider. Collaborating and facilitating on-line discussions and support for campaigns across areas as diverse as Maternity, Mental Health, Learning Disability, National Nursing & Midwifery Vision & Strategy, to specific conditions and campains such as the Flu campaign, pressure ulcers and the list goes on.

    For me, this makes Teresa a worthy winner of Social Media Nurse of the Year because her work supports that of all of the other nominees.

  14. Please do me –and the world of social media–a huge favor and vote for Kevin Ross of Innovative Nurse as “Social Media Nurse of the Year”! Kevin is my husband’s co-host and partner at RN.FM Radio and he rocks social media like no other nurse on the internet! Trust me on this one and vote for Kevin! Thank you!
    ~Mary Rives

    • Mary,
      I agree with you! My vote also goes to Kevin Ross @innovativenurse too. He single-handedly taught me how to tweet over the phone. (I think he actually used one hand, he’s so busy) And we have different phones. His step by step instruction was so concise and calm in this fast world of social media. Your hubby rocks too on RNFM Radio. I’m from fitnessnursing.com
      Lori (a.k.a. Minky)

  15. Nurse_w_glasses is a brilliant role model for many nurses, especially – but not solely – those working in mental health. She talks freely about her work, the ups and downs, and the alliances she creates with people who use services. She also fights social injustice wherever she sees it. Another inspirational woman!

  16. I would like to vote for Ian Miller who has been blogging and writing a range of social media articles for some years. I think it was in 2007 or 2008 when I first came across impactednurse. Ian prvides a range of articles on impactednurse.com that gains an interest from a wide range of on-line members even international ones. I think being a nurse and writing on social networks is a great idea as it provides a voice from an individual perspective rather than an organisation view to which Ian provides on impactednurse.com

    Hope this message looks okay as I have typed it from my mobile phone.

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