There is something very special happening in Sydney next March. A conference that will bring together some of the most innovative leaders in critical care medicine to educate, inform and entertain, all within the context of a social media rich environment.

This is personal. These are the people I want to be when I grow up…..and I believe if you are a critical care nurse or doctor this could quite possibly be the best conference you will attend…..well until the next one.
But this is the first one, so it will be a little bit groundbreaking:

SMACC is a high impact academic meeting fused with cutting edge on-line social media to deliver innovation with education. The program continues to address the important clinical issues and retains the value delivered by key academic speakers but brings this traditional format into the 21st century with:

  • Live Twitter Feeds in key sessions. These will be periodically displayed on screen by a twitter-moderator and continuously streamed throughout the venue
  • Podcasts / Vodcasts. All sessions will be recorded and gradually released in series on the affiliated websites
  • Live webinar transmissions from overseas speakers to the conference
  • ED vs ICU Sim-wars
  • Digital Poster displays
  • 24hr on-line Journal Club from around the world

SMACC is the most exciting innovation in the critical care education calendar, bringing together all the Critical Care Specialties (Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia, Rural GP’s, Retrieval medicine and Intensive Care) on a modern stage. Delegates will be able to interact face-to-face and online with the biggest names in web-based education. The enormous success of on-line learning platforms (‘’, ‘, and ‘’) is now being harnessed to provide this face-face critical care conference.

You won’t see anything else like this.

It would be great (and important) to see a strong critical care nursing presence attending SMACC 2013, so I hope you will consider penciling  it in your diary and beginning to make the necessary arrangements ( ie some serious sucking-up to your unit managers ) so you might lock it into your professional development agenda for the year.

For more information check out the website.

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