Here are just a few of the distractions that I have stumbled across lately that may (or may not) be of interest to nurses. Please feel free to augment with any relevant links or suggestions you can think of.

  • Superior Alternatives to Crappy OS X Software: Lifehacker presents a list of what it considers superior alternative MAC software for many of it’s default programs.
    Of those listed I currently use: VLC,  Google Docs,  AudacityFantastical, and Firefox and I can recommend them all.
  • The 101 Most Useful Websites: Digital Inspiration presents its own list of the 101 most useful websites of 2011. A veritable cornucopia of  links worth exploring here (you can also print out the whole list as a handy pdf document).
  • Meeting Burner: One of the big problems we face with over 150 nurses working in our department, is organising meetings for specific projects. Key nurses are always on days off, or night shift, or just too busy on the floor to make the meeting.
    We have looked at many solutions including giving staff the option of ‘remoting’ in to (or recording) the meeting. Conference calls, Skype etc have all been toyed with with mixed results. Meeting burner is getting a lot of buzz on the net as a potential solution for exactly this sort of problem.
  • Chocolate, a complete beginners guide: 15 minutes of reading this article and you will be a psudo-expert in all things chocolate. Totally impress your friends over the next desert.
  • 20 obsolete English words that should make a comeback: Plenty of new descriptors to add to your nursing notes. Especially when documenting encounters with your more Hoddypeak patients.
  • Anti-fatigue drug helps tired doctors – good idea? An short article from New Scientist discusses the use of modafinil, (a drug originally designed to treat sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and sleep apnoea) to increase the alertness of doctors doing shift work.
  • A proud owner and his dog at the beach: This YouTube vid just cracked me up (NSFW). I’m sure all owners of belligerent, misbehaving and crazy dogs can empathise with this. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


One Response to “a small repository of interesting links (methinks).”

  1. Great List et vid, thanks,Ian
    but perhaps modafinil addicted caregivers should have a badge,’Hi,i’m on Modafinil’
    yikes-how can anyone,let alone you lot, take this toxic stuff?
    side effects may include:
    Anxiety, depression, diarrhea, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, infection, loss of appetite, loss of muscle strength, lung problems, nausea, nervousness, prickling or tingling feeling, runny nose, sore throat
    Abnormal ejaculation, amnesia, asthma, chest pain, chills, confusion, difficulty breathing,
    difficulty urinating, dry skin, face muscle spasms, fainting, fever, gum inflammation,
    herpes simplex,
    high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, joint difficulties, low blood pressure, loss of muscle coordination, mood swings, mouth ulcer, neck pain, nosebleed, stiff neck, tense muscles, thirst, tremor,
    vision problems, vomiting

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