This is perhaps the most anatomically awesome thank-you card we have ever received.

Male motorcyclist involved in accident….and I think you can see from looking at the card exactly1what his injuries were:

“To all the emergency staff who worked on ‘M’. To the Ambo’s and all the helpful nurses for saving our father/husband/me….
‘E’: Thought you would recognize him better with the diagram on the front”

For someone to take the time to prepare a card like this is so appreciated by the ED staff.
Thanks to M and his family!

  1. L pneumothorax, multiple fractured ribs []

6 Responses to “setting a new standard in thankyou cards.”

  1. That is awesome! Simple creative ideas like this are so much better than flowers.

  2. Best… card… ever :) Glad you guys were able to mend him
    up so well!

  3. I hope it is on display for others to see (whilst maintaining privacy regulations of course),
    would be good for others waiting to see!

  4. I love it that people can be creative like this. A very
    thoughtful thanks, with ribs!

  5. Totally awesome!

  6. Oh my gosh! I LOVE that!!! How hilarious!

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