You might like to check out the new improved impacted pocket packs.

Free to download, you simply print out a copy of the pdf file, and with a few folds and a single cut you will have your own pocket reference pack.
Forget all those laminated cards you have dangling around your personage. This is a simple paper booklet. Use it until it is worn out and then print out a fresh copy.

Folding/cutting instructions are supplied (courtesy of  Prefer some other information in the pack? Drop me a line1 and we can update it.

Download the ADULT reference pack.

Download the PAEDIATRIC reference pack.

  1. or alternately, you can make up your own pack to share. As you can see there’s nothing to it really. []

6 Responses to “nurses pocket packs.”

  1. Thank you for sharing these.
    I am currently doing my Diploma, and every little learning tool helps.
    Cheers : )

  2. Thank you so much for this share. Love these. Had something before like this but I think it was a calendar.


  3. Thank you Ian,
    Loving the reference pack!
    Sheila heres a site for the medical reference cards

  4. Are there other reference packs? I am a nursing student and would be thrilled to have others. I would also be thrilled to have the ones that were cards to be laminated.

  5. Ian – WONDERFUL!!! —> Thanks so much!!
    Any other “cheat-sheets” are very welcome also :)

  6. Thank you for these, Ian….so handy! And like all the other things I use in practice….disposable!

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