Following the recent discussion surrounding the usage of Tasers into our emergency departments, the evil mad scientists down in the impactednurse secret laboratory (located behind a hidden sliding door in the pan room) are now ready to release the STETHO-STUN.

It allows the best dressed emergency doctor or nurse to maintain their professional image whilst packing a little ‘doctors orders’ for those Saturday night obnoxicated1 presentations that want to get in your face.
With the flip of a switch, this fully functioning stethoscope will deliver an incapacitating shock at up to 10 meters.

Also has a Keep-Me-Up Mode that delivers a slightly lesser shock through the ear pieces at random intervals that is guaranteed to get you through to the morning without nodding off and dribbling all over your patients notes.

  1. OBNOXICATED: obnoxious and intoxicated and agressive. []

7 Responses to “New Release: The Stetho-stun.”

  1. [...] to restrict your options to best manage this patient with physical restraint, chemical restraint, the stetho-stun or cardioversion? Now you can have your cake and eat [...]

  2. Where can I place my order?


    It appears @EgertonYDavisIV on Twitter has noticed the Stetho-stun

    I now suspect the Stetho-stun will be added to already planned demonstration of the Defibritazer at the upcoming UCEM conference. For this you have earned my eternal disdain (not that you’ll care when you’re made a F.UCEM).

  4. Please send mine..ASAP.. the drunks from the park are due in any min.

  5. I’ll take a case of these for myself and my coworkers!

  6. ROFL!! Classic!!!


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