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Just to remind readers who may have not realised yet, that I have started a new site over at theNursePath and will be spending most of my energy writing over there for a while. This is an experiment in getting out of my writing comfort zone. I want to ramp theNursePath up to a new level of quality. The goal is to format it more as a magazine than a blog. I will support you to: Collect a kit of tools that enables you to provide excellence in clinical practice. Build personal resilience. Develop interpersonal and team fluency. Practice with [continue reading this...]


I am really excited to show you a little project I am working on. >>Please go take a look.<<     Tweet Pin It

Book of Nurses: Chuck.

After a successful career as a software developer, I now find myself spending all my free time preparing to be a nurse. This wasn’t always my dream, but the older I get, the more I realized that I needed to do more than write code to develop the next somewhat useful application of which there are already ten available for purchase. So, I returned to nursing which I had abandoned 20 years ago because I thought it would take too long to finish. And now that I’m deep into my nursing education, I know this is the right career for [continue reading this...]

Book of Nurses: Ally.

  I’m Ally; I’m 23 and work as a Critical Care Nurse in Newy. My parents pushed me into nursing. That sounds weird. But it’s really, very strangely, true. I nailed my HSC, had always been an academic achiever, and if I had gone with my gut or my guidance councilor’s advice, I probably would have become an economist. But my parents told me for as long as I can really recall, that I should do nursing, despite my personal interest in writing, economics, politics and the humanities. As a profound sufferer of ‘middle child syndrome’ I felt my parents [continue reading this...]

Book of Nurses: Erin.

  Don’t forget….We would love to read YOUR story. Click on the ‘Share your Story’ link below for more info. Hello everyone. My name is Erin and this is my story. I remember when I was in primary school I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said I wanted to be a teacher. Nursing was never on my radar as a job that I wanted to do, but when I think back on my life til now everything I’ve done has lead to me becoming a nurse. When I first left high school I [continue reading this...]

Social Media Nurse of the Year 2013.

Nominations will open soon for impactednurse.com Social Media Nurse of the Year for 2013. Time to start thinking about nurses that have most influenced, encouraged and inspired you over the last 12 months within the social media noosphere. More details on how to nominate are just around the corner……   Tweet Pin It

Book of Nurses: Angela.

Angela is an Enrolled Nurse working in North-West Tasmania. And don’t forget….We would love to read YOUR story. Click on the ‘Share your Story’ link below for more info.   I’m a student EN in Tasmania, and Nursing has always been a dream career. I started studying the Bachelor of Nursing at UTAS in 2006 at 18, and completed over half of the degree before I realised that I have a massive difficulty in communicating openly and honestly with people. I failed one of the practical components of an assessment, mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t talk to [continue reading this...]

Book of Nurses: Jennelle

Jannelle has been nursing since she was 17 and has been qualified since she was 23. She worked in emergency departments in England and NZ before returning to Australia. She was initially working in an ED in Alice Springs, where she progressed to a senior role, but due to bullying decided she wanted to try something different , and so “went out bush”. This story happened 1 month later. Janelle is now back working in Alice Springs, where she is  looking forward to undertaking a forensic nursing diploma course. Reflection on one day as a nurse. At approximately 2015 on [continue reading this...]

Book of Nurses: Tamara.

Tamara works in the Emergency Department at Caloundra Hospital on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I never wanted to be a nurse. I always wanted to be a mother. When my waters broke, I was ready. My bag was packed. My carefully crafted Birth Plan laid out all the options. Only, it hadn’t taken death into account. Death of my dreams, my hopes, my very definition of “mother”, and most of all the death of my son’s independence…. the birth of his disability. After life was carefully coaxed back into his heart, his lungs, his brain, his cells, we [continue reading this...]

Book of Nurses: xxx

  This story is from a nurse who wishes to remain anonymous for reasons soon obvious. They contacted me and asked me to post their cautionary tale to the book of nurses. In many ways, it is an important one. My tale of woe. I’m doing this for 2 reason 1st hopefully to cleanse myself and to scream…. “you shits”. I have been nursing for over ½ my life, a late starter, marriage fell apart and thought if I have to earn to look after my kids I might as well do something rewarding, nursing seemed to be the deal. [continue reading this...]

  • impactednurse.com will soon be gone. (3)
    • Zeke said: Are you keeping an archive of this site on the nurse path site?

    • jelly said: Just work a few more hundred Sundays!

    • matgrad said: Bye Ian will miss the site but as you say everything has its day. Good luck for the future.

  • Nurses are F*cking C*nts. Verbal abuse in our workplace. (32)
    • Rose said: I have read this article and found it very relevant to me and my own experience.Unfortunately a lot of people think that it is quite OK and acceptable to take out their anger and frustration against a sometimes inadequate health system on nursing staff. I also think that gender is an issue as I often feel that female nurses are...

  • Nominate Now: Social Media Nurse of the Year. (21)
    • Belynda Abbott said: I would like to nominate 3 amazing nurses that contribute to nursing and social media in many different ways: 1. The amazing Philip Darbyshire @PDarbyshire and http://www.philipdarbyshire.co m.au/index.php?option=com_easy blog&view=entry&id=44& amp;Itemid=13&utm_source=b uffer&utm_campaign=Buff...

  • When a patient leaves with cannula in-situ. (17)
    • Andy said: Good thinking! At my hospital the Oncology staff are trained/instructed to bleed CVADs before every use regardless, to remove potential clots, discard, flush, then use. Another excuse if you need it ;)

  • bully nurse. (40)
    • G Boucle said: This is not surprising at all to me! Nurses can and do bully patients, I was on the brunt of this after a surgery with spinal fusion on 5 segments! The pain was blinding, they bickered in front of me over who would change the cath bag on the floor already filled and looking about to burst, I found this extremely upsetting....

  • The art of bleeding. Art, insult…or just plain WTF? (6)
    • Contrarian said: I have seen at least one, maybe two live performances of the Art of Bleeding (they were performing at the periphery of other attention-immersive events). Of course the nurse-slut costume is a standard image, but they turn it on its head and dissect it. So, yes, as they say, while the nurse slut draws in the viewer, the viewer is...