Book of Nurses: Chuck.

After a successful career as a software developer, I now find myself spending all my free time preparing to be a nurse. This wasn’t always my dream, but the older I get, the more I realized that I needed to do more than write code to develop the next somewhat useful application of which there are already ten available for purchase. So, I returned to nursing which I had abandoned 20 years ago because I thought it would take too long to finish. And now that I’m deep into my nursing education, I know this is the right career for [continue reading this...]

on falling down holes.

    Have you fallen down any holes lately? The thing about falling in a hole is in actuality it is, well……nothing. In fact you can’t really fall into it, because there is nothing there to fall into. So. Nothing has made you fall, and now you find yourself at the bottom of it. OK, back up a bit. I admit…. its not exactly nothing. These holes tend to form when the stuff we rely on to keep us grounded (to keep us on the ground) are removed. Bit by bit, small scoops of something are taken away. Or perhaps [continue reading this...]

Assess not assault.

The picture below is of a 26 yo female. Second presentation over a week following poly-pharmacy and alcohol overdoses. Can you identify the cause if this traumatic injury? As part of our neurological assessment ( checking level of consciousness or calculating GCS for example) it may be necessary to elicit some form of noxious stimuli on our patients. These stimuli may be divided into two categories. Central and peripheral. It is important to remember that peripheral stimulation may illicit a reflex response, completely bypassing the brain and therefore not giving an accurate evaluation of cerebral function. So we should assess [continue reading this...]

Skill: assessing pupil response.

Most nurses working in critical care and acute care units carry neuro torches. We use them as part of our neurological examination and for ongoing ‘neuro obs’ to assess pupil response to light. But what are we really doing here? And how should we document it? Lets look a little closer at this particular skill. First up, the pupil isn’t actually anything at all. A hole at the centre of the iris that controls the amount of light entering the eye. The size of this hole is controlled by 2 muscles within the iris. The pupilloconstrictor (controlled by the parasympathetic [continue reading this...]

Book of Nurses: Ally.

  I’m Ally; I’m 23 and work as a Critical Care Nurse in Newy. My parents pushed me into nursing. That sounds weird. But it’s really, very strangely, true. I nailed my HSC, had always been an academic achiever, and if I had gone with my gut or my guidance councilor’s advice, I probably would have become an economist. But my parents told me for as long as I can really recall, that I should do nursing, despite my personal interest in writing, economics, politics and the humanities. As a profound sufferer of ‘middle child syndrome’ I felt my parents [continue reading this...]

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    • Zeke said: Are you keeping an archive of this site on the nurse path site?

    • jelly said: Just work a few more hundred Sundays!

    • matgrad said: Bye Ian will miss the site but as you say everything has its day. Good luck for the future.

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    • Rose said: I have read this article and found it very relevant to me and my own experience.Unfortunately a lot of people think that it is quite OK and acceptable to take out their anger and frustration against a sometimes inadequate health system on nursing staff. I also think that gender is an issue as I often feel that female nurses are...

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  • When a patient leaves with cannula in-situ. (17)
    • Andy said: Good thinking! At my hospital the Oncology staff are trained/instructed to bleed CVADs before every use regardless, to remove potential clots, discard, flush, then use. Another excuse if you need it ;)

  • bully nurse. (40)
    • G Boucle said: This is not surprising at all to me! Nurses can and do bully patients, I was on the brunt of this after a surgery with spinal fusion on 5 segments! The pain was blinding, they bickered in front of me over who would change the cath bag on the floor already filled and looking about to burst, I found this extremely upsetting....

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    • Contrarian said: I have seen at least one, maybe two live performances of the Art of Bleeding (they were performing at the periphery of other attention-immersive events). Of course the nurse-slut costume is a standard image, but they turn it on its head and dissect it. So, yes, as they say, while the nurse slut draws in the viewer, the viewer is...